AAA Implementation Workshop Resource Page

Workshop Presentations

1. Setting the Stage

  1. Liechty –The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact and Adaptation Actions Areas

2. AAA Legislation Pilot Project

  1. Murley – Adaptation Action Areas
  2. Torriente – Adaptation Action Area Planning, The Fort Lauderdale Journey

3. City Implementation

  1. Wheaton – City of Miami Beach, Adaptation Action Area Implementation
  2. McCue – City of Satellite Beach Presentation
  3. Frank –– Inglis/Yankeetown Proposed Adaptation Areas

4. County Implementation

  1. Brown – Miami-Dade Presentation – Comprehensive Development Master Plan 2020-2030
  2. Hoyos – Palm Beach County Presentation
  3. Jurado –Broward County Regional Climate Resilience: Policy and Planning

5. Recap: Putting the Pieces Together

  1. Ascarrunz – All Hazards Emergency Management: A Whole Community Approach to Disaster Resiliency
  2. Mowry – Sea Level Rise in Miami Beach


Workshop Resources

RCAP AAA Implementation Workshop Agenda

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Georgetown Climate Adaptation Tool Kit

Climate Funding Opportunities

Adaptation Funding Opportunities

Sea Level Rise Adaptation Webinar

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Fort Lauderdale Case Study

AAA Guidebook