Compact Documents

Regional Compact 2013 Annual Report

This document is the Regional Compact 2013 Annual Report.
Download the Compact 2013 Annual Report.

Regional Compact as Ratified by the Counties

This document is the final Regional Compact as ratified by the four party Counties in January 2010.
Download the Compact.

Mayors’ Climate Action Pledge

Download Mayors’ Climate Action Pledge (template – Broward County version)

Click here to view a list of municipalities that have adopted the Pledge.

Southeast Florida Regional Climate Action Plan

Southeast Florida Regional Climate Action Plan
Download Regional Climate Action Plan.

Implementation Guide

Download the Implementation Guide.

RCAP Implementation Support Guidance Series 

Integrating Climate Change & Water Supply Planning In Southeast Florida

Supporting Documents

Policy & Advocacy Implementation Report
Download Policy & Advocacy Implementation Report.

A Unified Sea Level Rise Projection for Southeast Florida
The white paper on sea level rise projections for use in Compact planning as developed by the SLR Technical Ad Hoc Working Group.
Download Regional Compact Sea Level Rise Projections.

Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory: Baseline Period 2005 -2009
The Regional GHG Emissions Inventory documents baseline emissions from the Transport and Built Environment Sectors from 2005—2009.
Download Regional GHG Emissions Inventory.

Analysis of the Vulnerability of Southeast Florida to Sea Level Rise
Download Vulnerability Analysis (Caution: Large File Size).

Adaptation Action Areas White Paper
Download Adaptation Action Areas.

Adaptation Action Area Pilot Project Report
The Southeast Florida Regional Council partnered with the City of Ft. Lauderdale on an Adaptation Action Area Pilot Project through the Department of Economic Development, funded by a grant from NOAA.
The first document is the Adaptation Action Area Policy Report.

RCAP Health Impact Assessment
Download Minimizing the Health Effects of Climate Change in the South Florida Region: A Health Impact Assessment (9 MB).

RCAP Implementation Workshop Resources

Adaptation Action Area Workshop | August 28, 2014